Enping Zhou

Exchange PhD student from Peking University

research interests: Pulsar observation and pulsar science; strange quark star model; building initial data for binary quark stars

list of publications:

Zhou, E. P., Lu, J. G., Tong, H., Xu, R. X. 2014, Two types of glitches in a solid quark star model, MNRAS, 443, 2705-2710


I’m a joint training Ph.D student from the pulsar group in Peking University, supervised by both Prof. Dr. Luciano Rezzolla and Prof. Dr. Renxin Xu. Pulsars and gravitational wave are highly connected. On one hand, with the pulsar timing array signals, we can detect background GW signals since pulsar is the most accurate clock in the Universe. On the other hand, the GW signals from binary pulsar mergers, if detected, can help us better understand the EoS of pulsars, which is right now a hot topic in pulsar science. Some people from the pulsar group in PKU are working on the first part. The new radio telescopes such as FAST and SKA make it more possible for us to detect GW signals with pulsar timing array in the next few decades. While for me, right now I’m more interested in the second part. I’m trying to build initial data for binary quark stars with the code COCAL.