Journal Club

Here you can find the list of speakers and papers discussed in the RelAstro group journal club meetings (usually coinciding with our weekly group meeting).

Date Speaker Title paper
14.02.19 Antonio Figura TBD
06.02.19 Michal Pirog TBD
28-01.02.19 Samuel Tootle BNS ID with spins
28.11.18 Hector Olivares Formation of dark energy stars link
21.11.18 Lukas Weih New results on the stability of Z4 systems
14.11.18 Antonios Nathanail TBD
10.10.18 Luke Bovard Binary Neutron Star Mergers: Mass Ejection Electromagnetic Counterparts and Nucleosynthesis & Viscous-Dynamical Ejecta from Binary Neutron Star Merger link link
11.07.18 Jonas Köhler Updates from OJ287 link
04.07.18 Lukas Weih Review of Monte Carlo neutrino schemes
13.06.18 Markus Mayer Overview chiral MHD
23.05.18 Antonio (visiting PhD student) Overview MSc thesis
16.05.18 Elias Most Evolution of the Magnetized Neutrino-Cooled Accretion Disk in the Aftermath of a Black Hole Neutron Star Binary Merger link
02.05.18 Roman Gold SMBH circumbinary disks overview and proposal
18.04.18 Federico Guercilena Rehearsal
11.04.18 Sven Köppel General-relativistic neutron star evolutions with the discontinuous Galerkin method  link
10.01.18 Elias Most SENR/NRPy+: Numerical Relativity in Singular Curvilinear Coordinate Systems  link
13.12.17 Elias Most/Luke Bovard Fujibayashi et al. part II link
18.10.17 Neutron star subgroup recent LIGO papers
11.10.17 Federico Guercilena Sub-radian-accuracy gravitational waveforms of coalescing binary neutron stars in numerical relativity link
27.09.17 Luke Bovard Towards rapid transient identification and characterization of kilonovae link
06.09.17 Cosima Breu Three-dimensional GRMHD simulations of the remnant accretion disks from neutron star mergers: outflows and r-process nucleosynthesis link
12.07.17 Lukas Weih/Matteo Lucca THE FATE OF NEUTRON STAR BINARY MERGERS link
24.05.17 Alejandro Osorio  Common Envelope Wind Tunnel: Coefficients of Drag and Accretion in a Simplified Context for Studying Flows Around Objects Embedded Within Stellar Envelopes link
17.15.17 Elias Most/Luke Bovard Fujibayashi something link
26.04.17 Federico Guercilena General-Relativistic Large-Eddy Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers AND Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family link link link
08.03.17 Federico Guercilena R-process enrichment from a single event in an ancient dwarf galaxy link
15.02.17 Lukas Weih  Semi-analytic derivation of the threshold mass for prompt collapse in binary neutron star mergers link
08.02.17 Elias Most General relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of binary neutron star mergers forming a long-lived neutron star link
01.02.17 Jonas Köhler 3 papers on OJ287 link link link
25.01.17 David Kling Fast Variability and Millimeter/IR Flares in GRMHD Models of Sgr A* from Strong-field Gravitational Lensing link
21.12.16 Marcio de Avellar Relation between spectral changes and the presence of the lower kHz QPO in the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636‑53 link
16.11.16 Federico Guercilena Proving the principle: Taking geodesic dynamics too seriously in Einstein's theory link
19.10.16 Luke Bovard Structure of Stable Binary Neutron Star Merger Remnants: a Case Study link
05.10.16 Elias Most Effects of Magnetic Field Topology in Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers: Long Term Simulations  link  link  link
17.08.16 Bobir Toshmatov Quasinormal modes of black hole in the braneworld link link
20.07.16 Enping Zhou BNS with large mass asymmetry link
22.06.16 Elias Most link
15.06.16 Cosima Breu link
08.06.16 Jens Papenforth link
01.06.16 Hector Olivares Set of admissible states and physical constraints preserving schemes in special relativistic hydrodynamics and MHD link1 link2
25.05.16 Luke Bovard Simulations of inspiraling and merging double neutron stars using the Spectral Einstein Code link
18.05.16 Federico Guercilena Gravitational waveforms from binary neutron star mergers with high-order WENO schemes in numerical relativity link
09.03.16 Marcio de Avellar Twin peak quasi-periodic oscillations as signature of oscillating cusp torus link
02.03.16 Mariafelicia De Laurentis Tests of general relativity with GW150914 link
02.03.16 Enping Zhou Properties of the binary black hole merger GW150914 link
17.02.16 Federico Guercilena Observing Gravitational-Wave Transient GW150914 with Minimal Assumptions link
17.02.16 Luke Bovard Astrophysical Implications of the Binary Black Hole Merger GW150914 link
27.01.16 Yosuke Mizuno Electromagnetic vs. Lense-Thirring alignment of black holes accretion disks link
20.01.16 Luke Bovard Papers by Dirk and Almudena link
02.12.15 Hector Olivares  GRMHD using constrained transport in Athena++ link
04.11.15 Luke Bovard Low mass binary neutron star mergers : gravitational waves and neutrino emission link
21.10.15 Hector Olivares  A quantitative test of the no-hair theorem with Sgr A* using stars pulsars and the Event Horizon Telescope link
14.10.15 Ludwig Jens Papenfort Gravitational waveforms for neutron star binaries from binary black hole simulations link
07.10.15 Federico Guercilena Compact Finite Differences link link
10.06.15 Federico Guercilena Entropy viscosity and regularization of Euler equations link
13.05.15 Sven Köppel Numerical relativity simulations of neutron star merger remnants using conservative mesh refinement link
22.04.15 Luke Bovard Production of all the r-process  nuclides in the dynamical ejecta of neutron star mergers link
15.04.15 Enping Zhou FRBs: extraterrestrial contact? link
08.04.15 Luke Bovard Post-merger evolution of a neutron star-black hole binary with neutrino transport link
01.04.15 Federico Guercilena  Quantifying performance bottlenecks of stencil computations using the Execution-Cache-Memory model link
04.03.15 Luke Bovard Short-wave vortex instabilities in stratified flow link
11.02.15 Filippo Galeazzi The Role of Fission in Neutron Star Mergers and the Position of the Third r-Process Peak link