Dr. Tyler Gorda


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the relativistic astrophysics group at Goethe University Frankfurt. I am broadly interested in the behavior of strongly interacting matter at high densities and exploring this region of the phase diagram of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the theory of the strong nuclear force.

Research Interests

Primarily I study the equation of state of neutron-star matter, and specifically I have worked to synthesize inputs from astrophysics, nuclear theory, and particle theory to bound its behavior within the cores of the most massive neutron stars, with the aim of constraining the phase of matter reached in the cores of these objects. My research is interdisciplinary and consists of analytic calculations using perturbative QCD itself as well as numerical and statistical techniques to perform Bayesian equation-of-state inference.

Recently I have also begun to explore transport properties of cold and dense matter, which are more sensitive to the degrees of freedom than thermodynamic properties are.

Academic CV

2023 – now:

Postdoctoral researcher at Goethe-University Frankfurt

2020 – 2023:

Postdoctoral researcher at TU Darmstadt

2018 – 2020:

Postdoctoral researcher at University of Virginia

2016 – 2018

Postdoctoral researcher at University of Helsinki


Doctoral degree in physics, thesis title: “From pQCD to neutron stars: matching equations of state to constrain global star properties”

2011 – 2016:

Graduate studies in physics at the University of Colorado Boulder

2007 – 2011:

Bachelor studies in physics at Rutgers University, with double major in mathematics

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