Mariafelicia De Laurentis


Room: 02.228

Phone: +49 (0) 69 798 47848
email: ( laurentis

I  joined the group in October 2015 and I am involved in the BlackHoleCam project.

My scientific activity is essentially devoted to Physics of Gravity and Relativistic Astrophysics in their theoretical and phenomenological aspects. In particular, the research interests are:

  • Extended Theories of Gravity and their astrophysical applications
  • Search for exact solutions;
  • Search for Symmetries and Conservation Laws in relativistic field theories
  • Study of astrophysical sources and theoretical models for Gravitational Waves
  • Connection between gravitational waves, gamma ray burst and neutrinos;
  • Quantum effects in gravitational field (neutrino oscillations, quantum black holes …)

Here you can find a list of my publications (from inSpire)